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Onsite Core Handling

PanTerra provides core handing and geological services onsite. We have special core stabilisation, packing and shipment methods to ensure a safe transport to our core laboratory facility. Typical onsite services are: core plugging, geological description, sample preservation, gamma logging as well as providing specially designed core transport containers for (soft) sediments.

Our well trained engineers all have a core analysis background, protecting your core and maximizing the petrophysical value. Panterra offers  the following core handling services onsite:

Foam Core Stabilisation

PanTerra’s foam stabilisation technique is performed at the wellsite by injecting foam into the full length (9m) and/or short length (1m) core barrels. The core more...

Sample Preservation

PanTerra offers onsite core sample preservation using more...

Onsite Core Packing and Transportation

The onsite core sections need to be transported in more...

Core Gamma Logger

PanTerra onsite services offer a mobile core gamma logger suitable for more...

Onsite Drill Press

A special plugging machine has been designed for more...

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