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Management Team

PanTerra is led by an enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals who aim to bring a fresh and innovative approach to geological and reservoir engineering consulting by offering a unique integration between in-house laboratory services, subsurface evaluation, and E&P recruitment.

Greg van de Bilt - Managing Director

Greg van de Bilt founded PanTerra Geoconsultants and has led the company as Managing Director since then. Greg holds an MSc Geology and an MBA. His previous career includes several years as a research geologist at the University of Utrecht and various technical and managerial positions in the Oil and Gas service industry.
His goal is to build PanTerra as a first class service provider to the international energy industry with a reputation for technical excellence and professional integrity.

Albert Hebing - Laboratory Manager

Albert Hebing joined PanTerra shortly after its inception in 1995 as a Laboratory Manager. Over the years Albert has extended the initial routine lab to a state-of-the-art Rock & Fluids, and EOR laboratory. Now Albert is responsible for the overall activities in PanTerra’s Laboratories.

Albert has a strong technical background and done many hands on experimentation on a large variety of projects. His goal is to lead PanTerra Laboratory become the best service lab by providing superior service using modern technology, while maintaining employee satisfaction and financial soundness and still be cost-efficient, and competitively priced.

Pieter van den Heuvel - Subsurface Evaluation Manager

Pieter van den Heuvel is responsible for the overall leadership of the Subsurface Evaluation department, comprising Reservoir Geologists, Geoscientists, and Reservoir Engineers. Pieter is specialized in petrophysics and petroleum engineering. He joined PanTerra in January 2012, after 29 years with Shell Exploration and Production in the Netherlands, UK, Norway and Nigeria in technical, commercial, and managerial positions. His aim is to further grow the Subsurface Evaluation team in the coming years.

Coen Leo - Chief Geoscientist

Coen Leo is Chief Geoscientist at PanTerra. He is a very experienced exploration and development geologist and he joined Panterra beginning of 2014. Coen holds a MSc Geology from Utrecht University. His career started with Occidental and through Statoil, Clyde, Wintershall and Sorgenia he worked in many basins worldwide.

He has hands on experience with seismic interpretation, basin modelling, regional studies, licence administration and field developments. Coen has more than 30 years’ experience in technical, advising, commercial and managerial functions in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean region. Coen’s goal is to develop Panterra further in a leading geoconsultancy firm with special expertise on EOR modelling and field and licence evaluations with a loyal and enthusiastic team of professionals.

Andrew van de Weerd - Principal Geologist

Dr Andrew van de Weerd serves PanTerra as a Principal Geologist since 2009. As a petroleum geologist, he has more than 30 years of world-wide experience in the oil and gas industry. He has a strong background in sedimentary geology, including deep-water deposits. He has worked in most continents (Asia, Middle East, Australia, the Americas, and Europe). Integration of different disciplines (such as subsurface geology, seismic, cores, outcrop geology, production data) is his special interest. Next to conducting projects he is responsible for quality control and training.

Bram Sieders - Chief Reservoir Engineer

Bram Sieders is a seasoned Reservoir Engineer with 30+ years of experience in oil & gas studies, field development planning & execution, reserves and project auditing with Shell in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Far East. Since retirement from Shell he is in charge of the company’s Reservoir Engineering Division. His team has an outstanding record in conventional and enhanced oil recovery studies (Polymer, WI, WAG, etc.).

Maarten Wiemer - Principal Geologist

Maarten Wiemer recently joined PanTerra as a Principal Geologist. He has 35+ years’ experience as Exploration Geologist and project lead for Shell in a/o Egypt, NW Borneo, MENA, China, Madagascar, North Sea, Oman and The Netherlands. His main expertise areas are regional and reservoir geology evaluation, prospect maturation and petroleum geology training.

Juriaan Nortier - Supervisor Reservoir Geology

Jurriaan Nortier holds a MSc in Geology from Utrecht University. He joined PanTerra in 2001 as a special core analyst. Since 2004 he is involved in core description studies of both clastic and carbonate reservoirs from the North Sea, Middle East and North Africa. In 2011 he became Supervisor Reservoir Geology. Together with his team, he focuses on delivering fit-for-purpose data and models though the generation and integration of core sedimentology, sediment petrography, Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Diffraction data with petrophysical and wireline-log data.

Lucian Pirlea - PVT Supervisor

Lucian Pirlea has been employed in the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years. He was trained as a reservoir engineer. Lucian has since been involved in both upstream and downstream oil and gas sector, from reservoir engineering projects to pipeline project management and procurement. Since 2001, he has actively carried out reservoir fluids analysis, from sampling to complete PVT testing. Five years later, he joined PanTerra as a PVT supervisor, where he is managing PVT projects and supervising the PVT team.

Sergio Fernández - Routine Core Analysis Supervisor

Sergio Fernández started his career as a geologist in 2007 within Research & Development laboratory projects. He has worked in petrophysical characterization of rocks related to CO2 geological storage. He joined the PanTerra laboratory team in 2013 as a Routine Core Analysis Supervisor. His aim is to develop the existing skill set of the RCA team to accommodate the anticipated challenges which would be facing the Oil & Gas industry in the coming years.

Mike Burns - Sales Engineer

Mike Burns joined the Oil and Gas industry in 1998 as a Manager at FracTech Ltd, U.K., where his duties included the supervision and execution of laboratory projects for completions. In 2007 Mike started his employment with PanTerra in Core Analysis. In December 2013, Mike transferred to the Equipment Sales Department, the current aim is to extend the client base and introduce current customers to new technologies with which we have become familiar.

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