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PVT Analysis
 PVT pressure gauge

Our Pressure - Volume - Temperature (PVT) laboratory was opened in December 2006. Equipped with state-of-the-art mercury-free phase behaviour hardware and software, we provide customized solutions for all your reservoir fluid properties needs. Our equipment is versatile and can handle black and volatile oils, or gas-condensate systems equally well.  Samples can be separator samples, wellhead, cased or open hole samples. With our reservoir fluid behaviour rig (175 C and 10,000 psi), we can do experiments like constant mass depletion, differential liberation, constant volume depletion, separator test etc.

Range of Fluid Analysis:
oil sample- Fluid compositions
- Bubble point
- Dew point
- Retrograde gas condensate
- Gas oil ratio (GOR) and formation volume factor (FVF)
- Viscosity and density at reservoir conditions
- Fluid compressibility
- Separator FVF and GOR
- Water analysis
- Paraffin and asphaltene content of well deposits

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