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Acidizing core flow test
Corrosion inhibitor optimisation studies or corrosion evaluation can be independently provided to prevent corrosion.PanTerra Geoconsultants offers a broad range of core flow test services, which can be used for evaluation of treatments in various areas. The basic equipment used consists of an acid inert setup. High performance fluid pump systems are used to generate flow through the porous media. To prevent contamination, the process fluids are stored in hastelloy piston displacement cylinders. Specific sets of high performance differential pressure transducers are used to cover a broad pressure range during testing. Darcy’s law for linear flow is used for pressure / permeability conversions. Flow can be initiated in both production and injection directions.

Acid flow tests can be conducted to verify the compatibility of a specific fluid system with a formation. These tests can be conducted under reservoir pressure and temperature and can provide valuable information regarding fluid-rock interaction, the potential effectiveness and expected problems associated with unconsolidation of the core due to removal of cementing materials and fines migration induced by the treatment fluids. Effluents from the acid flow test are collected and inspected for fines. Effluents containing spent acids can be analyzed using ICP and various other techniques to determine the elemental composition of these fluids. The results of these analyses can be used to estimate the soluble mineral composition in the core sample. Critical flow velocity testing can also be conducted to evaluate the potential for increased drawdown pressures after a treatment. Another option is the examination of core samples prior to and after treatment using SEM/EDS and XRD.

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