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Sonic velocity
Poisson`s ratio vs acoustic velocity messured on core samples

The velocity of elastic waves in solids is a function of the density and the elastic properties of the material. To determine the dynamic elastic properties of porous media (for example Poisson’s Ratio (n), shear modulus (m), Young’s modulus (E) and bulk modulus(K)), compressional waves (Vp) and shear waves (Vs) are propagated through cylindrical core samples at specific confining stresses and saturations. From the measured compressional and shear wave velocities, the dynamic elastic properties can be calculated.
Our test setup can apply axial and radial stress of up to 10,000 psi on the sample. The transducers, with frequency responses of nominal 590-700 kHz, are used in conjunction with a matching CNS PUNDIT system, which provides the pulse excitation and a digital timing unit with a resolution of up to 0.1msec and a digital oscilloscope with a time-axis resolution of up to 0.0625 msec.

- Seismic amplitude calibration and interpretation (Vp/Vs at various fluid saturations)
- Sand control designs
- Lithology and porosity log calibrations

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