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Whole core analysis
whole core samplesInstead of determining petrophysical data on 1" or 1.5" plug samples, it is also possible to perform whole core analysis/full diameter core testing. This is generally done on segments of cores of 2 5/8” or 4” in diameter.
Whole core analysis can be considered when:

- The reservoir or core is heterogeneous in nature and when plug size samples may not be representative enough;
- Determination of directional permeability (Kv, K90 and Kmax) is required.

Anisotropy is important in understanding fluid migration and fluid flow characteristics. Fractures result in a widely varying directional permeability and vertical permeability in the cores may be reduced by silt/shale laminations in sands or stylolites in carbonates.

The following services can be offered on whole cores:

- Whole core Dean Stark extraction (Sw and So)
- Helium porosity and grain density
- Directional gas permeability (Kv, Kmin and Kmax)
- Liquid permeability
- Formation resisitivity factor (frf)
- Other customised tests
Measurements can be performed at ambient or at confining pressures up to 7,500 psig stress.

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