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Core storage and core workshops
PanTerra has facilities for the storage of core material such as drill core, core slabs, samples, drill cuttings and fluids. The material is stored in a temperature controlled and secure warehouse at the same premises where the core can be sampled and processed and where all geological and petrophysical measurements are performed. Under this initiative the objective that core storage should not only be safe and cost-effective, but should also allow for a convenient infrastructure to further analyse and study these irreplaceable materials is realised.
Core storage at PanTerra
Core storage at PanTerra Geoconsultants` facility in Leiderdorp- Core materials are very valuable as a prime data source.  In many cases cores are irreplaceable. Storage at PanTerra safeguards this value, because the materials are stored at a company that focuses on services for the oil and gas industry and that is specialized in handling core materials.
- The personnel at PanTerra that handle core materials are experienced in working with these materials as they also process cores which arrive from drilling operations. Geologists are involved in the supervision of storage of core materials and in core handling and core processing.
- Core materials are stored in a safe, secure, well-ventilated and temperature-controlled environment. The core is stored in an organized manner.
- Only authorized PanTerra employees have access to the core storage area.
- Core materials can quickly be retrieved for geological inspection or sampling.
- The infrastructure for geological inspection (geologists and equipment) and for petrophysical and chemical analysis is in the same premises.
- The database for materials in storage is set-up and maintained by professionals and is compliant to ISO 9001:2000.
Core viewing and core workshops
- On request, core can be laid out in separate viewing rooms with the necessary tools (microscopes, mini permeameter, etc.) available for study or for workshops.
- Professional geoscience and core analysis personnel is available to assist or participate in discussions.
- Offices and meeting rooms are available for study (of e.g. thin sections), meetings or presentations.
- The flexibility to have all related petrographic and petrophysical equipment and services at hand means that any work or investigation can be carried out without delay and with higher efficiency.

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