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Core Resination and Photography
Core slabbing
Resination in progress.

PanTerra utilise a slabbing saw to cut cores in a lengthwise direction. Slabbing takes place perpendicular to the inclination of planar structures, such as bedding. One part of the slabbed core is used for resination. It is placed flat side down in white plastic trays and labels with the company and well name, core and box numbers, top and bottom depths, one-meter scale and the sample locations are added. A transparent epoxy resin-hardener mixture is subsequently poured around the core. After the resin has hardened, the top section of the core is removed by slabbing the core parallel to the resin tray. This removed part is stabilized, packed in plastic and stored in triwall boxes. The part of the slabbed core not used for resination is stabilized, packed in plastic and stored in the core boxes.

Advantages of resin slabs:
· A one-cm thick core slab is preserved together with all core and sample identifications.
· These slabs provide a much easier way to access the information contained in the core than the core itself.
· Particularly suitable for exhibitions, photography, mini-permeametry and for detailed geological examinations.
· Core may deteriorate over time or can be misplaced after frequent handling. Resin slabs, however, provide a permanent record of the rock and preserve the original sequence.

Core slabs are digitally photographed using white light and/or ultraviolet light to show the presence and location of oil. Standard core photographs are supplied as A4 size hard copies and digitally on CD-ROM.

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