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Mini permeability
Mini permeability vs plug permeability log.Permeability is normally measured on plugs that have been taken from the core at intervals of 25 cm or more. Data collected using the mini permeameter show the permeability variations of a core in far greater detail. The use of the mini permeameter is therefore particularly suited for cases where the permeability varies on a scale smaller than the 25 cm interval. When routine core analysis data is available, basic geo-statistics can help to evaluate if mini-permeametry would be of aid. Mini permeability measurements can help to improve the match of calculated average core permeability and well test data.
Data acquisition
Using an automated mini-permeameter, permeability can be measured at any location (except at, or close to, fractures, vugs, etc.) on a flat core surface. Slabbed core surfaces, for example resin slabs, are particularly suitable for mini permeability measurements. The technique used to measure mini permeability is non-damaging and rapid.
Mini permeability contour map.· Used for characterisation of reservoir heterogeneity .
· Identification of permeability barriers or high permeability streaks.
· Investigation of permeability distribution within sedimentary structures.
· Statistical analysis of min-permeameter data can indicate cyclic permability variations.

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