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Reservoir Quality Interpretation & Prediction
Reservoir quality variation for various depositional subenvironments

Porosity prediction is addressed by identification of the main porosity-controlling processes (depositional + diagenetic) and evaluating how these processes vary on the scale of interest (well, reservoir, basin). We study the available empirical data and review previously studied examples that might serve as analogues. For sandstones, quantitative process modelling can be undertaken using EXEMPLAR software.

Permeability is best interpreted by first considering its relationship to total porosity. Permeability-for-given-porosity can be evaluated by examining dominant pore types and how these have been controlled by geological setting (depositional texture and sequence stratigraphy) and diagenesis. "Lucia method" rock fabric classification is recommended for carbonates. These data can be combined with in-house measurements of capillary entry-pressures by high-pressure mercury (Hg) injection. Integrating cap curve analysis with petrographical and petrophysical data is critical for accurate rock typing which is an important input for reservoir modelling. Characterising the pore throat-size distribution in this manner is especially important in the evaluation of carbonate reservoirs which commonly display much more complex pore systems than clastic reservoirs.

Advanced diagenetic studies should be considered when detailed quantitative understanding is needed. A range of advanced methods is available in-house, including Cathodoluminescence & Fluorescence Petrography , Fluid Inclusions, SEM-BSE, X-Ray Diffraction and Bulk Chemistry. These methods are often used in combination with one another, as appropriate for the specific questions of interest.

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