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Sedimentology & Petrography
Slabbed and resinated Rotliegendes core sample

Our sedimentology services include core description, interpretation of lithofacies and depositional model, sequence stratigraphic analysis and paleogeographic reconstruction. Our expertise ranges  from Deep Water and Deltaic clastics to Carbonates, Evaporites and Shallow Marine deposits. Continental facies where we have extensive experience include Eolian, Fluviatile and Lacustrine environments.

Thin-section description, point counting and a range of specialised petrologic methods (SEM, CL, Fluid Inclusions) are also performed.

We highlight here two types of services that can involve only generation of raw data or can be delivered together with interpretations and recommendations, depending on client needs:

grain rimming - pore bridging illite

· Single- & Multi-well Studies

· Cuttings Analysis

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