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On-site Coreflooding Rig (ASCET)

The main objective for Oil Producers is to evaluate whether the injected fluid can be passed through the reservoir core without a significant loss of injectivity.

Water injection by operators is  about achieving volumetric injection targets into a selected subsurface reservoir. This can only be sustained as long as the injected water meets minimum quality specifications. In order to be successful, insight must be gained into permeability reduction effects, resulting from injecting the actual produced or source water.

On-site coreflood testing provides empirical data needed for:

  • establishing injection water requirements,
  • gain insight in filter cake build-up
  • simulate reservoir flood performance.

Our automated onsite coreflooding rig (ASCET or Actual and Simulated Coreflood Evaluation Tool) consists of mainly 3 core holders, an arrangement of pressure/temperature sensors, flowmeters, a booster pump, DAQ (Data acquisition box), PC. If required, an inline particle size analyzer is used for water quality monitoring.

The ASCET monitors permeability reduction trends whilst injecting a water of known quality into a core plug that is deemed representative for the reservoir to be flooded, under actual and/or predicted pressure drop conditions. By varying the injection water quality, using an integral filter arrangement, permeability trends can be linked to different scenarios on contaminant type and contents, and hence to water treatment requirements.

The ASCET test results also serve as validation for computer models predicting injection. Although ASCET was initially intended to be used for Produced Water Re-Injection (PWRI), it is also perfectly suited for establishing water quality requirements when using other source waters (e.g. seawater) or any water-based chemical/polymer for EOR purposes.

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