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Laboratory Services
Cutting a core from a reservoir is the most direct way to determine reservoir properties and to provide accurate input for a geological model. In our laboratories we offer services that are relevant for both exploration and production phase. PanTerra has four lab departments:

Conventional Core Analysis
In oil and gas exploration, fast and accurate data is often needed to make operational decisions. In our Conventional Core Analysis department we have the capacity to quickly measure various rock properties on large amounts of samples. This data is subsequently used for reservoir characterization and petrophysical calibration. ...more

Special Core Analysis
On selected samples, a special core analysis program can be performed in order to obtain parameters for log calibration (e.g. electrical properties m & n), and to make a prediction of flow potential and saturation distributions (capillary pressure, wettability). All the above parameters are required for of hydrocarbon reserve estimates. ...more

Special core analysis laboratory

Production Chemistry
Throughout the lifecycle of a well, damage often occurs due to the oil and gas production process and other well activities. Production enhancement testing is used to determine the causes of the damage and to evaluate the possible solutions in order to maximize the production from a reservoir. Important information about the characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs can be provided by various analytical techniques. For this purpose we offer a broad range of services for the identification and quantification of fluid and solid materials. ...more

Special core analysis analytical laboratory

PVT Analysis
Our new PVT laboratory, commissioned in December 2006, is equiped with the latest state-of-the-art mercury-free equipment. A full suite of PVT services is available for studies on black oils, volatile oils, gases and condensates. ...more

Equipment Sales
As a result of its desire to share with other members of the Oil and Gas industry the acquired expertise in core analysis in the last 20 years, PanTerra established an Equipment Sales division in 2009.

Unconventional Reservoirs
PanTerra is continuing to build its capabilities in the field of shale and tight gas reservoir characterisation and coal bed methane exploration. PanTerra can also assess this type of reservoirs in terms of laboratory analysis and geological services using adapted laboratory procedures and equipment. ...more

Enhanced Oil Recovery
When recovering hydrocarbons is proving to be a technical and economical challenge, innovative and cost effective oil-recovery methods are a key component in ...more

On-site Coreflooding Rig (ASCET)
The main objective for Oil Producers is to evaluate whether the injected fluid can be passed through the reservoir core without a significant loss of injectivity.
Water injection by operators is about ...

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